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Here at Nestor Physical Therapy, our mission is to provide exceptional Physical Therapy services to motivated patients with spine, orthopedic, and sports related injuries. Our Physical Therapists will develop personalized treatment plans that promote successful return to your daily and recreational activities. Our treatment plans are evidence based, and incorporate manual therapy, and exercise.

Nestor Physical Therapy is number one with patients. Through the years, Nestor Physical Therapy has grown from physician referrals to patients referring friends and family members. That’s important to us because it means we’re providing the kind of effective, hands-on care that people trust.


I am very grateful for Dr. Nestor’s knowledge. He stopped me from having to have rotator cuff surgery as I was having severe shoulder pain from an injury. Dr. Nestor and Dave have also worked on strengthening my ongoing lower back issues. They are so knowledgeable and helpful in the recovery process. They have given me such great tools for the future. Abby is also very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend this practice!

-Wendy H.

Following an injury to my neck and shoulder area I was in constant pain and unable to turn my head to the right without much pain. I had MRI’s, X-Rays, and other exams. I even talked with a surgeon. No one was able to offer an effective solution. Finally, I was referred to Nestor Physical Therapy. I received a complete evaluation and a plan of treatments. I received varying treatments that removed all the pain and increased my range of motion significantly. I received excellent care and am very pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Nestor!

-Richard E.

I had discomfort while sleeping for over a year and nothing was helping. I saw a free workshop on lower back pain and attended. Lucky enough to have a 2-3 minute hands-on session then, I couldn’t believe the relief I had right away. So glad I came. I tell everyone about this facility. Everyone is very nice and informative. My treatments are exactly what I needed. The exercises were much needed and the combo of the two did wonders. My nighttime discomfort is gone, I feel great. I will not hesitate to come back if or when needed. Thank you!

-Tammy M.

As a 32-year career firefighter I never experienced an injury such as the one I had this past March. I was unable to walk or stand from chronic pain down my left leg. From my first visit, I knew the level of care with the one-on-one approach was going to make a difference in my recovery. At every visit, Dr. Nestor explained the benefits of each new procedure and exercise which proved valuable in my recovery. Three months after my first visit, I’m fully back to top physical shape and able to function at full capacity. I consider my experience here to be second to none. Thanks a bunch!

-Frank S.

Dr. Steve and I started out discussing my problem areas and put together a treatment plan that also addressed issues with my hip and back. I now feel much stronger and flexible. Dr. Steve is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what each exercise will target and why it is important. I especially like the fact that he works exclusively with you during your scheduled session. If I or someone I know need PT in the future, I will definitely recommend Nestor PT!

-Mary Ellen D.

Before coming to Nestor, I was getting frequent headaches. I was also experiencing mild neck pain and had soreness in my lower back area. Dr. Nestor gave me a variety of different exercises and really catered to my abilities. If something was too difficult or too easy, he would make adjustments to fit my needs. After a few weeks, my headaches were gone! I had better range of motion in my neck and less pain in my lower back. Day-to-day activities became easier and I was able to engage in sports without difficulty. I recommend Dr. Nestor to anyone…he is great! Thanks Nestor PT!

-Kathleen C.

I was having a lot of leg and lower back pain. After attending a free seminar and talking with Dr. Steve, I had an extensive evaluation. After 6 or 7 weeks of therapy, my sciatic nerve pain is gone and my flexibility has improved. Best of all, my golf game has improved! I am hitting the ball further and more consistently. I would definitely recommend Nestor PT to anyone.

-James G.

In the beginning, I was very doubtful because I’ve done physical therapy in the past. My mindset was that this was just another place that bills the insurance and doesn’t care about the healing of the patient. The day of my first visit, Dr. Nestor went over so much about my pain and how it was caused. Afterwards he went over different ways of treatment, which was NOTHING I have done with other doctors that I’ve seen in the past. My opinion? He wants to help the patient heal and develops the perfect treatment for healing. The one-on-one attention is the best part. Thank you Dr. Steve!!

-Cesar P.

My experience here at Nestor PT was great. I have suffered from low back pain and leg pain for many years and I was giving up on ever feeling normal again. Thanks to Facebook and seeing Dr. Nestor’s post, I got my life back. I learned how to do exercising wherever I am – even while driving! The manual techniques really helped too. I used to need help in the morning when getting up from bed and now it’s all gone! Thanks Dr. Steve!

-Brenda G.


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