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      What Could You Do If You Didn’t Have Pain?

      Our mission is to provide exceptional Physical Therapy services to motivated patients with spine, orthopedic, and sports related injuries. Our Physical therapists will develop personalized treatment plans that promote successful return to your daily and recreational activities. Our physical therapy treatment plans are evidence based, and incorporate manual therapy, and exercise.

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      Success stories

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      Nick H
      Nick H.

      I had a great deal of pain on my left side. Left leg and left foot. Today I do not have any pain anywhere. I can do all the exercises here and at home pain free – I can do my chores – cutting grass, etc… with no problem, no pain. I am completely satisfied 100% with my results from the therapy I received from Steve Nestor. Thanks.

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      Linda R
      Linda R.

      Before coming to PT, I was in a great deal of pain. My hip, knee, and foot would give out, go numb and movement was limited. In 4 weeks, I feel much better, moving freely and getting back into a normal routine. The exercises that were given to me are extremely helpful. My experience has been positive. I would recommend Steve to others.

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      Debbie B
      Debbie B.

      Before coming to physical therapy with Steve I could barely get dressed, my neck did not move, my arm was numb, me face was numb, chronic shoulder burn with pain. After Steve’s PT, the shoulder moves, the neck moves, and no more need to sleep with a heating pad. The best PT I have been to and knowing that if it flares up that you have the tools to stretch out and I have the tools to keep my neck and shoulder muscle strong.

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      Alyssa L.

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      Andrea H.

      Once again Dr. Stephen you have helped “cure me”. Your knowledge of injuries + how to take care of the problem is your greatest asset. Your facility is clean + shows a professional atmosphere. Again thank you for taking such great care + willingness to help mend injuries. (9/22/14)

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      Anne R.

      This letter is to thank you for your service and guiding me through physical therapy to manage my back pain. To be perfectly honest with you, I was afraid of anyone touching my lower back and I didn’t think physical therapy would help me. I was wrong. You explained to me the reasons for physical therapy. You manually worked on my back, which improved my condition, and gave me instructions to do exercises for it. You showed me step by step exercises to build on. By following your exercise worksheets, the pain in my back eased up. After several weeks of physical therapy, I can honestly say it worked for me. Thank you Dr. Steve for helping me with my lower back pain and giving me the confidence I needed to resume my daily activities. (12/22/14)

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      Arthur & Joan L.

      We are willing to say that we have both been physical therapy patients with Dr. Stephen Nestor and our results have been excellent. Art has had two knee replacements and a hip replacement and we are very satisfied with his recovery. Joan had a fractured patella and has completely recovered. We both heartily endorse Dr. Nestor and we recommend him for physical therapy when this is prescribed by your physician. As we said above, we heartily endorse Dr. Nestor with absolutely no reservations for any condition requiring physical therapy. (1/24/14)

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      Brad W.

      Best of the best. Great guy and great services. He really knows his stuff.

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      Cynthia D.

      I feel that pt helped me out greatly. I was very impressed that you were up front about my care and did not try to keep me going when I didn’t need to be anymore. It was also refreshing that you took one step at a time and kept me informed on what you were trying to accomplish. I would gladly recommend you to my friends. (6/11/14)

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      Carol C
      Tyler C.

      I was having difficulty with my daily activities due to significant low back pain that traveled down my right leg. I was referred to Steve by a friend who had recommended treatment. My treatment included specific mobilizations along with several exercises.  And I am happy to say my time spent at Nestor Physical Therapy was worth every minute. Thank You!

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      Therese N
      Therese N.

      Working with Steve has enabled me to get the first night of sleep I’ve had in more than 6 months! I now know I’m on the way to getting back to normal use of my right arm. I appreciate the explanations of what my issue is and how we could go about fixing it.  Thank you.

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      Roxane C.

      I was injured prior to X-mas and a month later, my pain did not change.  I came to PT and was given the tools (exercises) to make my knee stronger.  It wasn’t always easy to come twice a week but I always left feeling better and I know the visit was worth the time spent in the office.  I had trouble squatting and kneeling. I can now kneel in church pain free.

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