Mary G.

Jul21st 2017

Steve is a wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, caring physical therapist. I told him about my arthritis, and difficulty with walking and with using stairs; problems with my right hip especially but occasionally my l hip and knees. He did a thorough evaluation, and set up a program of appropriate exercises and stretching. He also noticed the ‘little things’ that affected my gait and posture. All these things were contributing to the problems I was experiencing with my strength and ambulation. He gave me more exercises to help improve these areas. He also noticed that my right inner ankle turned in. He suggested orthotics for my shoes. Once they arrived from the company, he showed how my ankle stabilized once I had the orthotic in place. They fit into my sneakers perfectly.

I have had physical therapy before for other reasons… My son has also required therapy after surgery. We have gone to other locations. At those places, during the course of 2 months of treatment, we would have been seen or treated by at least 6 different people (a therapist or therapy assistant). I was pleased that this location, for EVERY visit – I was seen by Steve. He could definitely follow my progress and/or ‘pick up’ on my new problems!

After two and a half months of treatment, we both felt that I was ready to be discharged. Now I just have to make sure that I continue my home exercise program on my own to keep up my strength and mobility. Thank you Steve!