Marcia D.

Jul21st 2017

Physical therapy is full of surprises. Your body is stiff and sore, but after some exercises designed for what ails you, after the huffing and puffing, after the repetitive gyrations that cause you to lose your focus until you can no longer count to 10 (or was it 15?), you are suddenly surprised that you can sit in an aluminum chair at a little league game for two hours (Surprise! You couldn’t do that last month), or you can prepare dinner late in late afternoon. (Surprise! Your back doesn’t give out after ten minutes of standing.) It’s your body saying THANKS for making it stronger. And we can find a CERTIFIED physical therapist, Dr. Stephen Nestor, at Nestor Physical Therapy LLC, who will draw up a program designed to help us get back what we’ve lost. We all feel a little awkward starting a new program with a new person, but Dr. Nestor makes it easy. And you can stand up and cheer at your next reunion.