John S.

Jul21st 2017

Dear Stephen Nestor, I am writing this letter to provide some feedback concerning my PT program at Nestor Physical Therapy. For the past 8 months I have been experiencing lower back, hip, and nerve pain. After completing an 8 week physical therapy program my issues did not improve. I decided to seek out a back specialist and was then referred to your practice. I knew I was in great hands after our first appointment. Your examination was thorough and you quickly pin pointed where my issues were coming from. From then on you implemented a program based on my needs. It is refreshing to find a physical therapist that doesn’t practice “out of book,” or bases their actions on a pre-set process.

Every visit was tailored to my improvement. You gave me the activated (exercises and stretches) to improve. You were up front with me on the time line for success. I am happy that my improvement came sooner than expected.
If I ever have a need for physical therapy I will be back. I have been to several physical therapists and none of them are close to your expertise.

Keep up the good work, the world needs more therapists like you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for giving me my life back!