Gloria D.

Jul21st 2017

Due to an injury from a spinal tap done on June 7, 2013 the doctor hit a nerve causing me pain and very weak muscles. After going to many doctors I was told it would take a long time to heal these muscles. I was walking with a walker or a cane and still in pain. My primary doctor recommended Dr. Steve Nestor’s physical therapy. I felt it probably wouldn’t work. It has been 9 months now and nothing was working. I am 79 years old I thought there was how it would be for me. After visiting Dr. Nestor I changed my mind. He gave hope to me. Dr. Nestor worked on my back and exercises for my legs. A few visits later I felt pain relief. Today I am pain free, no walker, no cane also do not need any assist getting up from a chair, getting in and out of cars. Dr. Nestor thank you for all your help, I could not have done this without you!