Frances F.

Jul21st 2017

For a long time I have been suffering from painful headaches and a pressure like my head is in a vice. It started from an accident I was in which caused (more and more over time) my muscles in the left shoulder and shoulder blade across the shoulder to the back of my head to cramp and spasm. I have seen several doctors, gone to a chiropractor, and gone for acupuncture. The acupuncture didn’t help, the chiropractor helped on and off. I then asked one of my doctors for a name of a physical therapist. The name I was given didn’t take my health insurance but he was able to recommend Nestor Physical Therapy and stated he had gone to him.

My experience with Nestor Physical Therapy was one I would repeat if ever the need arose. I found him very willing to answer all my questions. I also liked that it was one on one appointments (never had two clients at the same time). I was never made to feel rushed through an appointment. The therapist explained what exercise we were going to do and why. Before going to Nestor Physical Therapy I was suffering from at least two headaches a day. After several weeks of therapy I still woke up with a headache but it doesn’t last as long and is less intense. I also still get a headache later in the day but now as well as being less intense I only get them four out of seven days a week instead of everyday. I continue with the exercises at home and overtime should feel better and better. I have recommended Nestor Physical Therapy to my friends and doctors.