Donna A.

Jul21st 2017

My Therapists are so great! They work me really hard knowing I don’t want to have pain from Fibro every day. Even though it’s so difficult, I listen to my experts to guide me to a state of wellness so I have a better life where I don’t have to cancel social engagements and time with my friends and loved ones because of pain! Huge shout out to Steve and Matt at Nestor PT who’s mugs I have to look at 3 grueling X’s/wk when they make me sweat and stink, push me to the point of tears at times, listen to my heart wrenching stories, laugh our asses off together and truly have formed an awesome bond with me to help me conquer my Fibro and past! If you need PT give them a call! Across from Gators in N. Smithfield.