Category: Hip/Knee

Mary G.

Jul21st 2017

Steve is a wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, caring physical therapist. I told him about my arthritis, and difficulty with walking and with using stairs; problems with my right hip especially but occasionally my l hip and knees. After two and a half months of treatment, we both felt that I was ready to be discharged. Now I just have to make sure that I continue my home exercise program on my own to keep up my strength and mobility. Thank you Steve!

Arthur & Joan L.

Jul21st 2017

We are willing to say that we have both been physical therapy patients with Dr. Stephen Nestor and our results have been excellent. Art has had two knee replacements and a hip replacement and we are very satisfied with his recovery. We both heartily endorse Dr. Nestor and we recommend him for physical therapy when this is prescribed by your physician. As we said above, we heartily endorse Dr. Nestor with absolutely no reservations for any condition requiring physical therapy.

Karen L.

Jul21st 2017

I had been told by my orthopedic surgeon and two previous physical therapists that even with physical therapy and months of exercising, I would be lucky to get 5 degrees of range of motion back in my knees.