Category: Back

Gloria D.

Jul21st 2017

Dr. Nestor worked on my back and exercises for my legs. A few visits later I felt pain relief. Today I am pain free, no walker, no cane also do not need any assist getting up from a chair, getting in and out of cars. Dr. Nestor thank you for all your help, I could not have done this without you!

Anne R.

Jul21st 2017

By following your exercise worksheets, the pain in my back eased up. After several weeks of physical therapy, I can honestly say it worked for me. Thank you Dr. Steve for helping me with my lower back pain and giving me the confidence I needed to resume my daily activities.

Janine S.

Jul21st 2017

I think he is an all around great guy. Very professional and really enjoys helping people. He truly knows what he is doing and helps you understand what is going on, with you as well as what he is doing to help. I would recommend going to Nestor Physical Therapy to anyone. He has helped me with my lower back pain. Thank you so much! You have magic hands!