Category: Back

Nov27th 2020

James G.

I was having a lot of leg and lower back pain. After attending a free seminar and talking with Dr. Steve, I had an extensive evaluation. After 6 or 7 weeks of therapy, my sciatic nerve pain is gone and my flexibility has improved. Best of all, my golf game has improved! I am hitting the ball further and more consistently. I would definitely recommend Nestor PT to anyone.

Nov27th 2020

Denis L.

I’ve had on and off back pain for the past year. Last March, I woke up with bad pain down my leg along with my back pain. The emergency room diagnosed it as sciatic nerve pain. Medication did not help nor did acupuncture. I responded to a workshop advertisement with Dr. Nestor and within a week he knew what was going on and we started a program.

Nov27th 2020

Brenda G.

My experience here at Nestor PT was great. I have suffered from low back pain and leg pain for many years and I was giving up on ever feeling normal again. Thanks to Facebook and seeing Dr. Nestor’s post, I got my life back. I learned how to do exercising wherever I am - even while driving! The manual techniques really helped too. I used to need help in the morning when getting up from bed and now it’s all gone! Thanks Dr. Steve!