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  • Carol C

    I was having difficulty with my daily activities due to significant low back pain that traveled down my right leg. I was referred to Steve by a friend who had recommended treatment. My treatment included specific mobilizations along with several exercises.  And I am happy to say my time spent at Nestor Physical Therapy was worth every minute. Thank You!

    Tyler C.

  • Therese N

    Working with Steve has enabled me to get the first night of sleep I’ve had in more than 6 months! I now know I’m on the way to getting back to normal use of my right arm. I appreciate the explanations of what my issue is and how we could go about fixing it.  Thank you.

    Therese N.

  • I was injured prior to X-mas and a month later, my pain did not change.  I came to PT and was given the tools (exercises) to make my knee stronger.  It wasn’t always easy to come twice a week but I always left feeling better and I know the visit was worth the time spent in the office.  I had trouble squatting and kneeling. I can now kneel in church pain free.

    Roxane C.

  • Prior to coming here I had chronic neck stiffness and limited mobility. During my visits I was educated and given the tools needed through strength and stretching exercises to lessen or even take away symptoms. I now wake up with no stiffness and my range of motion has improved. I have made it a daily routine to do all exercises in order to keep up with the progress I have made.

    Rosemarie P.

  • Roland B

    My experience here has been great. Everything that could be done for my injury was done. Before I came here I couldn’t even allow clothing to come in contact with my leg. It was very painful. Just standing was a challenge. But with all the exercising and manipulation done by Steve I feel like I’m at the end of this ordeal. Finally. It feels good after weeks of limping, Thanks to Steve “I’m Back”!! Thanks!

    Roland B.

  • Robert P

    Therapy and the at home exercises have alleviated my pain and discomfort. Experience was helpful and informative. Would recommend to anyone in similar circumstances.

    Robert P.

  • Nick H

    I had a great deal of pain on my left side. Left leg and left foot. Today I do not have any pain anywhere. I can do all the exercises here and at home pain free – I can do my chores – cutting grass, etc… with no problem, no pain. I am completely satisfied 100% with my results from the therapy I received from Steve Nestor. Thanks.

    Nick H.

  • Maria P

    My pain started two years ago, and I have been through a lot of shots and Physical therapy, but I like Steve the most. His style is, is so good and he’s helped me a lot.  Thank You Steve.

    Steve Nestor made my back feel much, much better! Everyday activities were painful, but I am doing so well now! Through his physical therapy which is so relaxing (hands on treatment) and exercises to do at home are quite unique. I would gladly send anyone to him for treatment.

    Maria P.

  • Lisa H

    At the start I had discomfort in my lower back, in particular, the left side. I also had stiffness in the morning in the shin of my left leg. After several PT sessions, the discomfort in the lower back and stiffness in the leg was greatly reduced. Bending and lifting was a problem, but after the PT sessions and the strengthening exercises improved my situation greatly. The exercises are so on target with my issues. They make a difference.

    Lisa H.

  • Linda R

    Before coming to PT, I was in a great deal of pain. My hip, knee, and foot would give out, go numb and movement was limited. In 4 weeks, I feel much better, moving freely and getting back into a normal routine. The exercises that were given to me are extremely helpful. My experience has been positive. I would recommend Steve to others.

    Linda R.

  • Lauren Mc

    With two years of increasing lower back pain, I decided to seek help. After a series of visits here, I feel better and am equipped with the knowledge and tools to continue this way. Stephen was patient and I appreciate how he listened carefully. He was able to target the problem areas each visit and continually added to a list of exercises I can do at home. Prior to Physical Therapy, I had discomfort while sitting and laying down. Each session of PT has brought improvement and decreased discomfort with these everyday “activities”. I can function through the day without ibuprofen J Thank you!

    Lauren M.

  • Kim D

    Before I came here I had difficulty doing daily activities and even taking a deep breath. Now, I am able to do everything I did before the injury without pain. Steve has very helpful with explaining exactly what was happening and how to fix it.

    Kimberly D.

  • Kathleen L

    My pain prior to PT with Steve was an 8 out of 10.  After about 6 weeks I was able to do most activities with better or no pain.  I was on muscle relaxers and high dose ibuprofen but do not need to take anything now.

    Kathleen L.

  • Joseph C

    Excellent experience from day 1.  Found the issue in the first visit explained what was wrong and how we were going to fix it.  Before coming in just sitting was painful now I can do most things I did before with little to no pain and I know how to prepare my body before I do things and how to stretch properly.  I will continue to use this knowledge in my day to day activities now.

    Joseph C.

  • Joan Pknee

    I came because of knee pain due to arthritis. My knees are better than when I started.  I can walk more in the store and around the house daily chores. I have exercises to do every day and I believe that with those and weight loss, will improve the movement even more.  My legs lay flatter than when I started.  Noticed that almost right away.  I highly recommend Nestor Physical Therapy.  I can honestly say I never thought I would have any relief but I do. Also, No more aching knees when sleeping, Yay!!

    Joan P.

  • Jay P

    I injured my shoulder at the gym, it was a rotator cuff injury on my left shoulder.  I had very severely limited range of motion and was in a great deal of pain during the first four days.  During the first day of PT with Steve, he established my baseline of pain and movement, and he took me through a roadmap of where I could expect to be in approximately 4 weeks time.  He was very methodical and helpful in explaining the different exercises that I needed to do.  The PT activities were designed to progressively increase the load on my shoulder, and this helped me notice the improvement in motion and use of my shoulder in my day to day activities.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve as a therapist. He’s definitely helped me get full use of my shoulder again.

    Jay P.

  • Helen W

    After my automobile accident, I was having pain in my neck, particularly when I turned my head to the left. Very uncomfortable driving, and looking over my shoulder to watch for traffic! I also had pain in the middle of my back most of the time, whether sitting or walking. Now the pain in gone….Thanks to Steve. Steve was recommended by a friend of mine. I am grateful, and I in turn, highly recommend Steve!

    Getting old is not for the faint of heart… those pesky aches and pains! For me, it was lower back pain. I had trouble standing up straight and was forever looking for something to lean on.  Well, Steve helped tremendously with that. I can now stand much taller. Steve even taught me exercises to help strengthen my back and to keep it strong. I am thankful and know now, that getting older does not have to be that bad! Thank you!


    Helen W.

  • Debbie B

    Before coming to physical therapy with Steve I could barely get dressed, my neck did not move, my arm was numb, me face was numb, chronic shoulder burn with pain. After Steve’s PT, the shoulder moves, the neck moves, and no more need to sleep with a heating pad. The best PT I have been to and knowing that if it flares up that you have the tools to stretch out and I have the tools to keep my neck and shoulder muscle strong.

    Debbie B.

  • Carol C

    I had problems with my right leg-knee to ankle, due to a fall. Could not kneel or bend right knee and from knee down to ankle was swollen. Walking was a chore as was stairs. At present, I’m doing fantastic. No swelling and pain is gone! I can do stairs-up and down-with no problem.

    Carol C.

  • George P.

  • Joan P.

  • Alyssa L.

  • David B.

  • David W.

  • Dennis L.

  • Due to an injury from a spinal tap done on June 7, 2013 the doctor hit a nerve causing me pain and very weak muscles. After going to many doctors I was told it would take a long time to heal these muscles. I was walking with a walker or a cane and still in pain. My primary doctor recommended Dr. Steve Nestor’s physical therapy. I felt it probably wouldn’t work. It has been 9 months now and nothing was working. I am 79 years old I thought there was how it would be for me. After visiting Dr. Nestor I changed my mind. He gave hope to me. Dr. Nestor worked on my back and exercises for my legs. A few visits later I felt pain relief. Today I am pain free, no walker, no cane also do not need any assist getting up from a chair, getting in and out of cars. Dr. Nestor thank you for all your help, I could not have done this without you! (7/3/14)

    Gloria D.

  • Dear Stephen Nestor, I am writing this letter to provide some feedback concerning my PT program at Nestor Physical Therapy. For the past 8 months I have been experiencing lower back, hip, and nerve pain. After completing an 8 week physical therapy program my issues did not improve. I decided to seek out a back specialist and was then referred to your practice. I knew I was in great hands after our first appointment. Your examination was thorough and you quickly pin pointed where my issues were coming from. From then on you implemented a program based on my needs. It is refreshing to find a physical therapist that doesn’t practice “out of book,” or bases their actions on a pre-set process.

    Every visit was tailored to my improvement. You gave me the activated (exercises and stretches) to improve. You were up front with me on the time line for success. I am happy that my improvement came sooner than expected.
    If I ever have a need for physical therapy I will be back. I have been to several physical therapists and none of them are close to your expertise.

    Keep up the good work, the world needs more therapists like you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Thank you for giving me my life back!

    John S.

  • Steve is a wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, caring physical therapist. I told him about my arthritis, and difficulty with walking and with using stairs; problems with my right hip especially but occasionally my l hip and knees. He did a thorough evaluation, and set up a program of appropriate exercises and stretching. He also noticed the ‘little things’ that affected my gait and posture. All these things were contributing to the problems I was experiencing with my strength and ambulation. He gave me more exercises to help improve these areas. He also noticed that my right inner ankle turned in. He suggested orthotics for my shoes. Once they arrived from the company, he showed how my ankle stabilized once I had the orthotic in place. They fit into my sneakers perfectly.

    I have had physical therapy before for other reasons… My son has also required therapy after surgery. We have gone to other locations. At those places, during the course of 2 months of treatment, we would have been seen or treated by at least 6 different people (a therapist or therapy assistant). I was pleased that this location, for EVERY visit – I was seen by Steve. He could definitely follow my progress and/or ‘pick up’ on my new problems!
    After two and a half months of treatment, we both felt that I was ready to be discharged. Now I just have to make sure that I continue my home exercise program on my own to keep up my strength and mobility. Thank you Steve! (5/20/14)

    Mary G.

  • We are willing to say that we have both been physical therapy patients with Dr. Stephen Nestor and our results have been excellent. Art has had two knee replacements and a hip replacement and we are very satisfied with his recovery. Joan had a fractured patella and has completely recovered. We both heartily endorse Dr. Nestor and we recommend him for physical therapy when this is prescribed by your physician. As we said above, we heartily endorse Dr. Nestor with absolutely no reservations for any condition requiring physical therapy. (1/24/14)

    Arthur & Joan L.

  • To Whom It May Concern, In the past several years I had the need to have physical therapy at two other locations in the area, and I must say, I was not a fan of PT after being treated by them for a few of my injuries. So when I had the need to have PT again, my first thought was “oh what a waste of time”. I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Stephen Nestor and give it a try.

    I explained a bit about myself and gave some details regarding the pain I was experiencing. The first thing I noticed was that Steve asked many very valid questions and started a complete examination of my painful area and was very attentive toward what I was saying, it was like he could feel the pain I was in. He suspected why I was in this kind of pain, and almost immediately I knew I had chosen the correct Physical Therapist.

    I spent a total of 4 months 2 times a week with Steve and I am so glad to say that I am PAIN FREE. I would highly recommend the quality of service of DR. STEPHEN NESTOR his knowledge and dedication to his work paid off for me and I am sure it will do the same for any patient he has the pleasure of working with.
    In closing if I have the need for Physical Therapy again in the future, I would not hesitate to call Dr. Stephen Nestor for an appointment. (1/17/14)


  • My doctor suggested I try physical therapy for chronic pain in my right leg. This was my first experience with physical therapy and my ten or so sessions with Dr. Stephen Nestor proved to be extremely helpful in targeting the sources of my pain and showing me some long range solutions to the problem. Dr. Nestor is extremely knowledgeable and gave me excellent and detailed practical advice for keeping pain under control and a set of exercises that I can do at home going forward. He answered any questions that I had so that I understood what kinds of things are going on that cause my pain and why certain exercises, especially strength building exercises, are so beneficial. Dr. Nestor’s new location in North Smithfield is a clean and quite place that makes the patient feel comfortable. Definitely recommended if you are in need of physical therapy. (2/11/14)

    Christina M.

  • I feel that pt helped me out greatly. I was very impressed that you were up front about my care and did not try to keep me going when I didn’t need to be anymore. It was also refreshing that you took one step at a time and kept me informed on what you were trying to accomplish. I would gladly recommend you to my friends. (6/11/14)

    Cynthia D.

  • I highly recommend Nestor Physical Therapy. For the past five years I have had significant contractures in both knees due to severe osteoarthritis. I had been told by my orthopedic surgeon and two previous physical therapists that even with physical therapy and months of exercising, I would be lucky to get 5 degrees of range of motion back in my knees. I had surgery to fuse two bones in my left foot and was in a cast for 6 weeks. Once the cast came off, my surgeon ordered physical therapy. I was barely able to stand and had lost a lot of muscle tone and strength. At the recommendation of a friend, I began therapy at Nestor Physical Therapy. Steven Nestor began helping me to do strengthening exercises as well as stretching exercises. He is extremely knowledgeable and very caring. Steve worked diligently with me and I progressed to ambulating with a walker and then a cane. By the end of my therapy, not only was I walking independently, but I had gained 20 degrees of range of motion in my left knee and 15 in my right. For the first time in many years I am walking straight and tall, and I have Steven Nestor to thank for that! (7/14/14)

    Karen L.

  • Once again Dr. Stephen you have helped “cure me”. Your knowledge of injuries + how to take care of the problem is your greatest asset. Your facility is clean + shows a professional atmosphere. Again thank you for taking such great care + willingness to help mend injuries. (9/22/14)

    Andrea H.

  • For a long time I have been suffering from painful headaches and a pressure like my head is in a vice. It started from an accident I was in which caused (more and more over time) my muscles in the left shoulder and shoulder blade across the shoulder to the back of my head to cramp and spasm. I have seen several doctors, gone to a chiropractor, and gone for acupuncture. The acupuncture didn’t help, the chiropractor helped on and off. I then asked one of my doctors for a name of a physical therapist. The name I was given didn’t take my health insurance but he was able to recommend Nestor Physical Therapy and stated he had gone to him.

    My experience with Nestor Physical Therapy was one I would repeat if ever the need arose. I found him very willing to answer all my questions. I also liked that it was one on one appointments (never had two clients at the same time). I was never made to feel rushed through an appointment. The therapist explained what exercise we were going to do and why. Before going to Nestor Physical Therapy I was suffering from at least two headaches a day. After several weeks of therapy I still woke up with a headache but it doesn’t last as long and is less intense. I also still get a headache later in the day but now as well as being less intense I only get them four out of seven days a week instead of everyday. I continue with the exercises at home and overtime should feel better and better. I have recommended Nestor Physical Therapy to my friends and doctors. (7/9/14)

    Frances F.

  • Steve, Thank you so much for the wonderful results from your therapy on my knee. All I can say is that Dr. Wilson certainly knows who to send his patients to for therapy. You were great. I no longer have any pain in my knee or leg. – Thanks again for all your help. (8/6/14)

    Mary M.

  • Dear Steve, I wanted to thank you for your guidance and expertise in determining what therapy should be tailored for me. It has been over one month since my last visit. As you suggested, I don’t do all the exercises every day, but I found it best for me to exercise some every day. I feel more agile than I have in a long time. You are the first physical therapist I have been to that actually worked with me. The sessions involved practical hands-on therapy. I had been reluctant to go to any physical therapist recommended by my doctor; for I was afraid of the same application of heat and ice exercise that I can do at home. I am so glad that I found you and that you gave me the opportunity to make me feel better. With much appreciation. (8/31/14)

    Susan L.

  • Physical therapy is full of surprises. Your body is stiff and sore, but after some exercises designed for what ails you, after the huffing and puffing, after the repetitive gyrations that cause you to lose your focus until you can no longer count to 10 (or was it 15?), you are suddenly surprised that you can sit in an aluminum chair at a little league game for two hours (Surprise! You couldn’t do that last month), or you can prepare dinner late in late afternoon. (Surprise! Your back doesn’t give out after ten minutes of standing.) It’s your body saying THANKS for making it stronger. And we can find a CERTIFIED physical therapist, Dr. Stephen Nestor, at Nestor Physical Therapy LLC, who will draw up a program designed to help us get back what we’ve lost. We all feel a little awkward starting a new program with a new person, but Dr. Nestor makes it easy. And you can stand up and cheer at your next reunion. (8/3/14)

    Marcia D.

  • This letter is to thank you for your service and guiding me through physical therapy to manage my back pain. To be perfectly honest with you, I was afraid of anyone touching my lower back and I didn’t think physical therapy would help me. I was wrong. You explained to me the reasons for physical therapy. You manually worked on my back, which improved my condition, and gave me instructions to do exercises for it. You showed me step by step exercises to build on. By following your exercise worksheets, the pain in my back eased up. After several weeks of physical therapy, I can honestly say it worked for me. Thank you Dr. Steve for helping me with my lower back pain and giving me the confidence I needed to resume my daily activities. (12/22/14)

    Anne R.

  • It has been a pleasure being a patient of yours. I feel that you are professional, personable and knowledgeable. You have helped me a great deal and the pain that I was feeling has gone away since I began therapy! I would DEFINITELY return if needed and would also refer anyone to your practice! Thanks for everything! (1/16/15)

    Kacy M.

  • I first had Steve for therapy this summer for therapy on my shoulders. At the end of that month I regained almost all the strength I had due to the extensive therapy I received. In October I had a total knee replacement done and needed therapy again. I was lucky enough to get Steve again as my therapist. So far he has worked on my knee for almost 2 weeks now and my motion has improved so much. He takes the time to work on it because I have problems with my ankle as well since the knee replacement the ankle problem has worsened and Steve worked as well on that to the point wear I now have motion in that ankle that I haven’t had in a long time and thanks to him less pain. I would not hesitate to go back to Steve for therapy and cannot thank him enough for helping me so much! (12/12/13)

    Dennis L.

  • Hello, I am writing this letter to let you know that if it was not for you Steve, I’m sure my husband would not be walking as well as he is at this point in time. Whenever he comes home from therapy with you he feels much better, walks much better and in less pain and I and my husband have you to thank for this! You take your time with and do your job above and beyond what you have to. You need to know it is so much appreciated by both my husband and myself. Sometimes thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. (12/13/13)

    Eileen L.

  • I think he is an all around great guy. Very professional and really enjoys helping people. He truly knows what he is doing and helps you understand what is going on, with you as well as what he is doing to help. I would recommend going to Nestor Physical Therapy to anyone. He has helped me with my lower back pain. Thank you so much! You have magic hands!

    Janine S.

  • Great guy, very personable, makes therapy fun…great results!

    Donna M.

  • Best around! Wouldn’t go anywhere else. One on one treatment.

    Darlene G.

  • Best of the best. Great guy and great services. He really knows his stuff.

    Brad W.

  • Senior Services Inc. would like to thank Steve Nestor for his presentation on Spinal Stenosis held at the Woonsocket Senior Center on Tuesday 8/18/2015. We had many positive comments from the numerous attendees. Many expressed that they felt it was extremely informative, he was very knowledgeable and generous with his time to answer all of their questions. We would like to extend a warm welcome to Steve and hope he will return soon to provide more education.

    Senior Services Inc.

  • Steve is a knowledgeable and compassionate individual. A true professional!

    Linda B.

  • My Therapists are so great! They work me really hard knowing I don’t want to have pain from Fibro every day. Even though it’s so difficult, I listen to my experts to guide me to a state of wellness so I have a better life where I don’t have to cancel social engagements and time with my friends and loved ones because of pain! Huge shout out to Steve and Matt at Nestor PT who’s mugs I have to look at 3 grueling X’s/wk when they make me sweat and stink, push me to the point of tears at times, listen to my heart wrenching stories, laugh our asses off together and truly have formed an awesome bond with me to help me conquer my Fibro and past! If you need PT give them a call! Across from Gators in N. Smithfield.

    Donna A.

  • Russell C

    I came to see Steve for my Sciatic nerve. I could not ride in car for more than 15 minutes without severe pain. He stretched me and gave me exercises to do and within a few weeks pain was virtually gone. I appreciate the time he has spent with me. I would highly recommend Steve to others. Thanks again.

    Russell C.